How we think, and why it matters.

Individuals, organizations, and society all face significant challenges– better understanding human psychology and behaviour increases the odds we can overcome them.

My keynotes, talks, and workshops draw on my expertise in psychology and behavioural science, and my personal experiences to deliver a unique mixture of scientific knowledge and storytelling to audiences. I connect my expertise in creativity, innovation, reasoning, and behavioural science to the challenges of the modern era in a way that situates the human mind at the forefront of individual, organizational, and global success. My content is accessible for diverse forums, including educational, corporate, and public settings, across all ages, for both small and large groups, and in keynote, panel, or interactive workshop presentation styles.

Frequent topics include how individuals can make the most of their minds, the relation between technology and thinking, the need for creativity and science in the Anthropocene and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and other issues surrounding the future of humanity as it relates to the human mind.

Selected Past Speaking

Beakerhead Festival (speaker for ‘Seven Wonderers’ an event in Calgary featuring seven stories of science discovery, with music to match, hosted by Jay Ingram)

Ig Nobel Informal Lectures (invited public talk at MIT to summarize Ig Nobel award paper)

Generation Green Youth Un-conference (workshop on relation between psychology and climate change for high school students, hosted by Halton Climate Collective)

International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise Conference, Prague (keynote for 2018 E. Paul Torrance Roundtable: ‘Can We Teach Creative Thinking?’)

Municipal Equipment Operators of Ontario Association (keynote for annual meeting)

Association of Ontario Road Supervisors (multiple keynotes for regional annual meetings)

C2 Creativity + Commerce (delivered several Masterclasses in Montreal on applications of psychological and behavioral sciences through BEworks)

Toronto International Film Festival Industry Conference (panel on technology and the mind)

University of Waterloo Staff Conference– organized by Organizational and Human Development (delivered several workshops to large audiences on improving cognitive performance)

BEworks Summit for Behavioral Economics in Business (speaker and master of ceremonies for large conference comprised of industry leaders, with speakers that include Dan Ariely, Nina Mazar, Tom Gilovich, and David Pizarro)