In the Media

My writing has appeared in a number of popular outlets. Some of this work involves more accessible accounts of my academic work, and some is focused on applying psychology and behavioural science to business and societal challenges.

My research has received extensive media attention, being featured in print, radio, and television around the world. I also act as an expert commentator for various radio and print outlets, and am listed as a global expert in the debunking of misinformation on the University of Bristol’s Post-Truth Portal.


Dan Ariely, Nathaniel Barr, Nick Hobson, & Kelly Peters. (2020). No more water cooler conversations’: 5 ways managers can adapt to the work-from-home-force now, because it’ll be here for a while. Business Insider.

Nick Hobson, Nathaniel Barr, & Kelly Peters (2020). Want to make your brand psychologically capturing? Try using the power of ritual. Business Insider.

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Nathaniel Barr (2020). Imagining the Next Decade of Behavioral Science. Behavioral Scientist. [opinion published with other commentaries from leading behavioural scientists]

Nathaniel Barr & Gordon Pennycook (2018). The greatest and most misunderstood threat to humanity is the human mind. Quartz.

Nathaniel Barr & Kelly Peters (2018). Resistance is Futile: Embracing the Era of the Augmented Worker. Behavioral Scientist.

Nathaniel Barr (2015). Most of the information we spread online is quantifiably bullshit. Quartz.

Research in the Media (selected)

The brain in your pocket: Evidence that Smartphones are used to supplant thinking:

  • paper was covered in over 700 media outlets in over 40 countries on six continents (source: UWaterloo Media Relations) and was featured in major newspapers, magazines, blogs/podcasts, television, and radio, as well as the Ontario Science Centre MindWorks Exhibit

Sample links: Washington Post; CBC; NPR; MTV News; UPI; New York Times; New York Magazine; Prevention Magazine;; (US & UK); Times of India; Daily Mail (UK); National Geographic Indonesia; University Herald

Interviews: Global National News; CTV Local and National News; Sky News (UK); CBC Radio 1; Science for the People radio show (broadcast on 31 radio and online stations, including the National Science Foundation’s Science360 Radio), CHML AM 900 (Hamilton); News Talk 770 AM (Calgary); The Tim Denis Morning Show 610 CKTB (Niagara); The Dan Maduri Show (NewsTalkFlorida)

Television features: FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, WGN, CLTV (Chicago), MeTV, MyTV, WBIN, local affiliates; Discovery News

On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit:

  • covered in hundreds of local, national, and international media outlets (e.g., the front page of the print version of the Toronto Star) and shared many thousands of times on Twitter and other social media

Sample links: Scientific American (1 & 2); Washington Post (1 & 2); New York Magazine; Huffington Post; Bloomberg; Forbes; Vox; New Republic; The Daily Beast; Vice; Independent

Interviews: Fox News NY; CBC Radio

Other sample coverage:

NPR; Wall Street Journal; Quartz; Gizmodo; The Guardian (UK); Metro; CBS Local; Complex; Vice News; Maxim; Business Standard; Daily Mail (UK); Telegraph (UK); UPI; Unilad; Mic; Aeon; New Republic;; KW Record;; Mirror (UK); Marie Claire; Yahoo News (UK); The Week (UK); Irish Times;; Vox; Good; Chicago Tribune; Hamilton Spectator; Plymouth Herald (UK); I Fucking Love Science;; Mental Floss;; KnowTechie; ValueWalk; Slate’s The Gist Podcast; Elite Daily; BBC World Service; Corpus Radio Alberta; The Morning Edition (CBC Radio, Kitchener); The Scott Radley Show CHML AM 900 (Hamilton); CBS Radio News (KCBS, San Francisco); Arlene Bynon Show SiriusXM; The Motts NEWSTALK 1010 (Toronto); The Pulse with Devon Peacock AM 980 (London); 570 News (Kitchener); The Ed Hand Show 1310 News (Ottawa)

Wandering Minds and Wavering Goals: Examining the relation between mind wandering and grit in everyday life and the classroom:

  • paper was covered in several news outlets and radio stations in Canada and around the world

Sample coverage: CTV News, Yahoo News, Big Think, Dubai Chronicle, Science Daily, Men’s Fitness, Roundhouse Radio Vancouver

Expert Commentary

Vox article on What Smartphone Photography is Doing to our Memories.

CBC Radio 1: (appeared on 8 separate broadcasts across Canada to comment on the Death of Voicemail)

CBC online, TV, Radio 1 & 2 (was interviewed about a recent paper from Ward et al. on the negative impact Smartphones can have on cognition)

AM 640 (interviewed about Ward paper noted above)

Costco Connection magazine (debate about whether the internet is making us smarter)

Quartz article on unhealthy behaviours (commented on the role of motivated reasoning in online discourse)

Global Expert on the Debunking of Misinformation (listed on the University of Bristol’s Post-truth Portal)